Capabilities: SBIR & STTR Technologies

Since the 1990s, Mudawar Thermal Systems has received several Phase I and Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) grants, which were cost-shared by industry partners and local Indiana sources.  Following is a list of the grants received:

SBIR topic N92-136 and SBIR topic BMDO 00-007

SBIR topic N92-136 Phase I & Phase II: 
"Subcooled Liquid Change of Phase Thermal Management for Electronic Packaging: Development of Jet Impingement Fluid Change of Phase Cooling Module"

SBIR topic OSD02-EP04 and STTR topic N07-T029 Phase I & Phase II

SBIR topic BMDO 00-007 Phase I & Phase II: 
“Ultra-High-Heat-Flux Dissipation using Multi-Level Enhancement”

SBIR topic OSD02-EP04 Phase I: 
“Phase Change (Jet Impingement) Cooling for Operational Weapons Environment”

STTR topic N07-T029 Phase I & Phase II: 
“Modeling Tools for Two-Phase Electronics Cooling Systems”

SBIR topic N08-223 and SBIR topic MDA14-016

SBIR topic N08-223 Phase I & Phase II: 
“Cooling Technology for JTRS Ground Mobile Radio (GMR) Communications Systems”

SBIR topic MDA14-016 Phase I: 
“Variable Gravity Two-Phase Heat Sink for Airborne Directed Energy Systems”

Patent Received:

  • “Apparatus for Heat Transfer and Critical Heat Flux Enhancement,” inventor: Michael T. Meyer, Mudawar Thermal Systems Inc., Patent No. US 7035104 B2, issued April 25, 2008.