complete micro-channel pressure drop predictive tool MTS2PhHiFlux Micro-Channel Module MTS2PhHiFlux Micro-Channel Module Output single-phase and two-phase heat exchanger design tools

Capabilities: MTS Software

Mudawar Thermal Systems (MTS) has recently developed robust algorithms to predict pressure drop and heat transfer characteristics of high-power density micro-channel heat sinks, as well as design tools to construct a closed loop to supply coolant to the micro-channel heat sink.  The software package developed for this purpose, MTS2PhHiFlux, consists of two separate modules: 

  1. Micro-channel Module:  this module determines pressure drop (one phase and two-phase), heat transfer coefficient (one phase and two-phase), and critical heat flux (CHF) for high-flux micro-channel heat sinks.  Predictions are based on empirical correlations and theoretical models developed by Mudawar at Purdue University.  Available are both customized and default solutions.  The customized solutions allow the user to choose from a menu of several possible models and correlations, while the default solutions utilize predictive tools deemed most suitable and most accurate for the task. 
  2. Flow Loop Module:  this module constructs and analyzes pressure drop and heat transfer performance of a closed cooling loop whose function is to condition and deliver coolant at desired flow rate, pressure, and quality to the micro-channel heat sink.  The coolant absorbs heat from the heat sink as well as other ancillary heat exchange components, and rejects the heat via an air-cooled condenser.  Available are design tools for single-phase and two-phase heat exchangers.